We are Up

We provide attractive motivational platforms for engaged people, because we believe that the joy and meaning to which we contribute are important pillars of a harmonious and happy life.
32 000
partners‘ establishments
300 000
satisfied users
Year 1995
the year we emerged on the Czech market

We believe in

We do everything with the heart and to the maximum

Because we believe that going to the maximum in everything is the basis of success for individuals, companies and societ

We are looking for new ways

Because we welcome changes, we love creative work, and our goal is to continually improve services provided to our customers.

We listen, we respect, we help

Because we believe that solidarity and justice are the basis of creative and open cooperation and cohabitation in society in general.

We bring joy

Because we believe that everything goes better with a smile.

Working with us is a continuous pleasure.

We are certified for tomorrow. Our Commitments.

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Connected to industry leaders. Membership in leading associations.

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We are part of the Up Group

happy employees

2 675

€ 5.7 billion

of volume of issue

28 milionů

million users

1.7 million

of partners‘ establishments

The company currently operates in the following countries: Belgium, Brazil, Bulgaria, Bosnia, Chile, Ecuador, France, Georgia, Italy, Colombia, Costa Rica, Morocco, Hungary, Mexico, Moldova, Germany, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Serbia, Turkey, Tunisia, Czech Republic, Greece and Spain.

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