Work-life balance
eBenefity je moderní zaměstnanecká cafeterie

Wide Usage

Cinemas, pharmacies, travel and e-shops. You will find them in our search engine. And if you don’t, write to us and we’ll add them.

All on Your Phone

The mobile application will show your balance. In addition, it will help you find the closest place where you can pay using the card.

Simple Payments

The eBenefits card is right up-to-date. It supports Apple Pay and Google Pay. One-beep relaxation.


Are you bothered by the amount of paper around you? Thanks to the eBenefits card, the world will be a little greener.

Easy and fast searches in the partner network.

You can find out where you can use eBenefits.

Business locator

Count the tax savings

Compare 2 options
Compare 2 options bonus to salary
eBenefity (in the same amount)
for employees
The employer will pay:
The employer will pay: 1 338 000 1 210 000
The employee will receive:
The employee will receive: 14 680 20 000
The employer will save:
The employer will save: 0 Kč 128 000
The employee gets extra:
The employee gets extra: 0 Kč 5 320


The annual limit for tax-free leisure benefits is set at 21,983.50 CZK in 2024.

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    Frequently asked questions

    The products labelled with Up ČR are at all times fully in compliance with Act no. 114/2002 Coll.

    This Act regulates the volume of the fund of cultural and social needs, other income and management of the fund in a state-owned enterprise, in organizational units of the state and in institutes receiving contributions from the State budget and similar institutes established by regional self-governing units.

    Act no. 114/2002 Coll. also allows, among the other things, the contribution to the costs of operation of kindergartens pursuant to the Education Act, and operation of facilities providing childcare services in children’s groups, cultural facilities, holiday facilities, sports and physical education facilities, physical therapy facilities, including massages, and leisure facilities.

    The fund can be also used as the contribution to the employees for purchasing printed books, vitamin products, prescription glasses, contact lenses or special optical aids, for preventive dental hygiene care and dental prevention provided by a dental hygienist, and as well for vaccination against infectious diseases.

    Like an ordinary payment card. And if you like technology, it supports Apple Pay and Google Pay.

    At partners in our wide partnership network. Look for a sticker with the Up Česká republika logo or e-shops in our search engine. If your favourite place is not among them, write to us and we’ll contact the partner.

    You can find the balance in your mobile application or personal account at the website.

    Write and tell us that you are interested in an eBenefits card. We’ll be happy to get back to you.

    Yes, employees can use the card to pay for online purchases securely. They can use the Up Klíč mobile app (available for download in App Store or Google Pay) to confirm the payment, or they can also confirm the payment via SMS.

    Would you like to learn more? Download the document.

      Introduction of eBenefity | Partner 20. 5. 2024 11 MB Download  
      Introduction of eBenefity | Employee 20. 5. 2024 10 MB Download  
      Introduction of eBenefity | Employer 20. 5. 2024 21 MB Download