Benefits of cooperation

We provide modern and meaningful benefits that contribute to employee satisfaction, motivation and greater engagement. We combine the world of traditional vouchers, cards and meal vouchers with modern possibilities. We believe that joy, health and loyalty are key to the success of any company.

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Up to 65% of employees

are not engaged in their work

Employees with higher engagement

are 17% more productive

You get 21% more profit

by engaging your employees

The chances of retaining

a talented colleague increases by 51%

One card

The All Inclusive card is a universal payment solution for all benefits and meal vouchers you choose for your company. It means less administration and more options. You will also join the Up Club loyalty program.

The card supports contactless payments in partnering shops and in e-shops online. The card is compatible with Apple Pay and Google Pay on mobile devices.

One app

You can find everything in the My Up app: an overview of benefits, card and balance information, as well as motivational tools to help bring the team together and increase employee engagement.

  • Communication modules
    contact your team at any time
  • Motivation
    anyone can be the star of the team
  • Benefits
    fun after work
Limitless possibilities

In the world of My Up, there are endless options for you to choose from based on what’s relevant for you.

Health Sport
Catering Books
Culture Recreation

Contact us and our specialists will work with you to set up the best solution or program to help you engage and motivate your employees. The savings calculator will calculate the tax savings you can achieve.

Selection guide

Benefits for employers

We encourage motivation
and engagement in the team
  • Lunch with colleagues
  • Compliments
  • Bazaar
  • Tips and news
Building a healthy
company culture
  • Information from the employer
  • Jubilees and anniversaries
  • Ask your employer
We educate and develop our employees
  • Education
  • Webinars
  • Purchase books
Increasing purchasing power
of employees
  • Exclusive discounts
  • Special offers
  • Loyalty Rewards

Digitalization of HR agenda

With digitized
employer tab, you have all the data about employees at all times at your fingertips and in one place.

Expert tips

Get inspired! We regularly bring you interesting research, up-to-date statistics and articles that reflect current trends in HR.

Reports and statistics

Information on the use of benefits clearly
available whenever you need it. Statistics, statements, reports – all in one place.

Communication modules

With two-way communication tools, you can communicate all important messages to employees, get feedback
and foster collaboration.

Tax benefits

You’ll get a tax-efficient, tailored rewards scheme, also suitable for organisations using the FKSP, which will give your employees a 26% higher contribution.

Where to use it

Helping you gain work-life balance

With more than 36,000 of our partner stores and e-shops, you can easily maintain your work-life balance.


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