On the Via Nisa historical pilgrimage route | #02 stage

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The second part of our shared journey awaits! As you already know, Via Nisa connects traditional pilgrimage sites and Stations of the Cross along the Czech-German border, specifically in the Šluknov Strip, the Lusatian Mountains, the Zittau Mountains, the Frýdlant Strip, and in part of the Jizera Mountains. Today’s trip will take us from Šluknov to Rumburk, where several points of interest await along the way and, of course, there will be more stamps to collect. Are you ready to set out?


Vertical climb

278 m



282 m



21,3 km



6:08 hour

Refreshments along the way

In order for the trip to pass more agreeably, there needs to be (among other things) something to look forward to.  That is why we bring you the best tips for refreshments along the route, where you can also pay with eStravenka cards and paper meal vouchers

Our first recommendation is the café and roastery Bohemian Coffee House in Rumburk, where you can enjoy a selection of coffee with great cakes and pies made from local ingredients by local suppliers. If you are an avid coffee lover, you may also take some home with you.

Our next tip would be the restaurant in the U Parku guesthouse. It is located close to the train and bus station in Rumburk and offers both classic and modern specialities of Czech cuisine, as well as pleasant seating both inside and out in the garden.

Another place well worth a visit is the Dymník resort, which also includes an excursion restaurant. It has been located there since the end of the 19th century and offers renowned Bohemian and game cuisine in an inimitable atmosphere.

  • Pilgrimage stamp 03 – Šluknov Regional information centre
  • Pilgrimage stamp 41 – Rumburk Capuchin Monastery
  • Pilgrimage stamp 42 – Rumburk City information centre

Foto: Stella Vančová

Stage #02

We will embark on the second stage together from Šluknov town centre following the red tourist sign. The path leads past the geological formation of Malé Varhany (see the gallery), which resembles a miniature of the well-known basalt formation Panská skála, and Stations of the Cross, then back to the tourist information point (TIM) in Šluknov Square.

Next, we will follow the blue sign to the nearly defunct Stations of the Cross in Království, then continue along the blue route to TIM Alej přátelství (Alley of Friendship). The path will lead us along the blue route to the so-called Jiříkov Trail at TIM Pod Jitrovníkem and TIM Jiřikovská stezka rozcestí (Jiříkov Trail Crossroads) – be wary, you may come across the Grey Wight of local legends (a spectre that appears to lone tourists) – all the way to Jiříkov Square to another TIM.

Our path continues along the blue route to TIM Filipov Basilica, a beautiful example of Neo-Romanesque sacral architecture, most definitely worth seeing.

A few more dazzling points of interest await us today. The first will be the Bismarckturm observation tower (see the gallery). From there, we will move to TIM Strážný vrch, and finally head to Rumburk, to the Baroque Church of the Beheading of St. John the Baptist and to TIM Rumburk Square where another stamp can be collected, also obtainable in the Baroque Rumburk Loreto Chapel.

Today’s stage is at an end, but there is a lot more to come. Are you excited?


Another reminder that this foot trail is far away from large cities, therefore it is advisable to arrange accommodation in the vicinity. Just as before, we offer you tips for the second stage on where to lay your head and rest up for the next part of the trip.

Wellness Hotel Lužan
Náměstí Lužické 212/16, 408 01, Rumburk
Tel.: +420 602 111 777
E-mail: info@hotelluzan.cz

Penzion U Parku
Třída 9. května 955/53, 40801, Rumburk
Tel.: +420 412 397 005
E-mail: penzionuparku@centrum.cz

Hotel SportLife
Lesní 1302/12, 408 01 Rumburk
Tel.: +420 739 209 649
E-mail: info@sportlifehotel.cz

Penzion Dymník
Výletní 775/9, 408 01 Rumburk 1
Tel.: +420 773 333 242

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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