On the Via Nisa historical pilgrimage route | #04 stage

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Are you enjoying our journey together? Very good, because here comes another – the fourth – stage for us to take, and it is the longest one yet. Are you ready to set out and discover more splendours of this forgotten trail that yet await? As you know, Via Nisa connects traditional pilgrimage sites and Stations of the Cross along the Czech-German border, specifically in the Šluknov Strip, the Lusatian Mountains, the Zittau Mountains, the Frýdlant Strip, and in part of the Jizera Mountains. Today’s trip will take us from Jiřetín pod Jedlovou all the way to Hochwaldbaude, a trek of over 28 kilometres. It is quite a hike, so get your backpacks ready and let’s go!


Vertical climb

1 119 m



839 m



29,6 km




Refreshments along the way

As this is the longest stage of our journey, a tip for quality refreshment will certainly come in handy. This time we will take you to the Windows Guesthouse located in the village of Dolní Světlá. The guesthouse includes a restaurant where you can enjoy Czech classics, special dishes, and wonderful desserts. The restaurant accepts both meal vouchers and eStravenka cards.

Photo: Ruben Vančo

Route of the fourth stage

This time we are setting out from the centre of Jiřetín pod Jedlovou and following the yellow tourist sign to TIM Lesná. From there, we will take the red route to the Pod Ptačincem intersection just 150 metres away from the German border. We will continue following the red tourist sign along a ridge path to TIM Pod Luží. There we have two options – take a left turn and scale Lausche Peak (recommended), which is the highest point of the Lusatian Mountains. There is a viewing platform at its peak, providing a gorgeous view from the Ore Mountains through Dečínský Sněžník, the Central Bohemian Uplands, Bezděz, Trosky, all the way to Ještěd and the Krkonoše Peaks and, of course, the towns of the Šluknov Strip. The second option is to continue straight ahead along the red route to Chata Luž. After that, a trail following the green tourist sign awaits us through Horní Světlá to TIM Naďeje, located by a reservoir in a forested valley. We will then once again follow the red sign to TIM Antonínovo údolí and then the blue to TIM Mařenice. From Mařenice, the yellow tourist route will lead us through the nearby Kalvária and again through Mařenice to TIM Krompach. From Krompach, we will continue along the yellow route through Valy to TIM Stará Lipská cesta, from where the red sign will take us to another intersection. There we will cross to the German side and continue along LG Gelber Strich to Oybin Peak, where the ruins of a castle and monastery can be seen. The majestic-looking ruins of medieval structures combined with the unique natural conditions make Oybin a place you definitely don’t want to miss on your trip. It could even be called the most interesting place of this stage. The seventh pilgrimage stamp is available in the local information centre. From Oybin, we will set out on the green LG Gruner Strich route towards today’s destination to Jonsdorf and to the Kammstrasse intersection. Through Kammstrasse we will reach Kammloch junction. The final stretch of the way leads along the blue route through Oberlausitzer Bergweg to Hochwaldbaude, the destination of our longest stage and, as a reward, the eighth pilgrimage stamp is also found here. Are you looking forward to the next stage? We definitely are!


A reminder that this foot trail is far away from big cities, and this time also partly on the German side of the border, therefore it is advisable to arrange accommodation in the vicinity of the destination, and do not forget to bring some € with you. For the fourth stage, we once again offer several tips for pleasant places to rest before continuing the journey.

6 Hochwaldweg, Oybin, Německo
Tel.:  +493 584 470 232
E-mail: info@hochwaldbaude.de

Pension & Café Abendröte
Jonsdorfer Straße 1, 02797 Kurort Oybin
Tel.: +493 584 470 322
E-mail: info@abendroete-oybin.de

Wellness-Pension und Restaurant Altes Kurhaus Lückendorf
Kammstraße 28-30, 027 97 Oybin – Lückendorf, Německo
Tel.: +493 584 476 430

Alte Schmiede
Gabler Straße 8, 02797 Oybin – Lückendorf, Německo
Tel.: +493 584 472 662
E-mail: igasthof@alte-schmiede.net

We wish you a pleasant journey!

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