The best present is chosen by yourself.
A gift voucher that everyone can exchange for their dream present.

The right present

The recipient chooses the goods or service exactly according to their wishes.

Savings for the company

No social security and health insurance are paid from the voucher up to 2,000 per year.

Not just for the employees

It is also suitable as a prize in competition, a loyalty reward or a gift for partners.

Easy application

The vouchers are accepted by more than 32,000 partners nationwide.

Easy and fast searching in the partners’ network

Find out where can you use your voucher.

Shop locator

Count the tax savings

Compare 2 options
Compare 2 options bonus to salary
Cadhoc (in the same amount)
for employees
The employer will pay:
The employer will pay: 670 000 595 000
The employee will receive:
The employee will receive: 6 890 10 000
The employer will save:
The employer will save: 0 Kč 75 000
The employee gets extra:
The employee gets extra: 0 Kč 3 110


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    Frequently asked questions

    Cadhoc has sound support in the existing legislation.

    The tax on dependent activity exempts non-monetary performance provided by the employer to employees from the fund of culture and social needs, social funds, profit after tax or to the expense of expenditures which do not represent the expenditures related to the achievement, assurance and preservation of income, in the form of the use of recreational, medical and educational facilities, physical education and sports facilities, or in the form of a contribution to cultural and sporting events. However, in the case of provision of recreation including tours, a maximum of CZK 20,000 per calendar year is exempt from the value of the employee’s non-monetary performance value. The performance provided by one employer to employee’s family members is also considered performance as stipulated under Section 6 ss. 9d) of the Income Tax Act no. 586/1992 Coll. In the case of gifts provided in connection with a work or life anniversary and for an extraordinary performance (as listed under Section 14 of Regulation no. 114/2002 Coll.), a non-monetary performance up to CZK 2,000 per year for each employee is exempt from tax.

    The vouchers can have any nominal value differing by CZK 1, which can be changed on an ongoing basis. Each envelope can bear the employee’s name or any other identification mark. It can also bear your logo, address or any other graphic element. We will process each order within two days.

    We will process each order within two days. For each order, you will obtain a Czech Post shipment number, so you always see where your shipment is located. This is, of course, insured as a registered letter.

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