Up Česká republika joins forces with LIN&Partners. Thanks to the unique ELA service, companies are offered comprehensive solutions to their employees’ problems

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Prague 11 October 2022 – Up Česká republika, a leading provider of benefits for domestic companies, and LIN&Partners, creator and provider of ELA (Employer Life Assistant), a unique tool to help companies and employees solve problems, are combining forces. Thanks to this cooperation, tens of thousands more employees and members of their families can gain access to a real and comprehensive solution to their problems with the help of specialized ELA experts in key areas of life, and together they can all contribute to higher efficiency and to the economic and personnel stabilization of the entire company.

Crises deepen problems and change employee needs

Employees have experienced a number of significant crises in recent years that have negatively impacted their lives. The coronavirus crisis was smoothly followed by a sharp rise in energy prices and record inflation, all of which go hand-in-hand with concerns about the effects of armed conflict. Unrelenting long-term stress and the consequences of crises have significantly changed the current needs of employees and their families, and thus also the outlook for employer benefits and care.

“Especially in recent years, it has become clear that the functioning and effectiveness of employees depend on how they are doing in all areas of life. The ELA service has extensive teams of specialised experts in these specific areas and can help take over and effectively resolve problems. This is the reason we decided to engage in cooperation with LIN&Partners, which provides ELA to key strategic state organisations, among others, said Petra Prchlíková, Sales Director at Up Česká republika.

Fewer absences and higher productivity

The ELA solution is based on the basic life principle that the key pillars of every person’s life are relationships, health and economic situation. A large number of employees and their family members feel that at least one of these pillars have been impaired in some way. Only when they feel that these pillars are on a sound foundation are employees able to be fully motivated, more focused, less prone to conflict, less absent, more engaged and higher performing, and thereby effectively contribute to the smooth running of the company.

According to ELA data, 63% of work-related absences are related to mental health issues, most of which are rooted in one of these areas in the triad of life. 86% of employees admit that they have personal problems they are unable to resolve. At the same time, their work performance is reduced by tens of percentage points. Almost no employee wants their employer or colleagues to know about their problems.

It is precisely in these cases that the ELA solution proves to be an ideal tool. The employee or their family can contact ELA experts and solve their problems effectively and without limits thanks to their employer’s care. Each individual problem is taken over by an assigned and specially assembled expert ELA team that comprehensively resolves the issue. Everything is done discreetly, and the employee also eliminates the stress of a potential misunderstanding or inappropriate response on the part of their employer or colleagues.” explained Petr Kadidlo, CEO of LIN&Partners.

How does it work?

Users of the Můj Up motivational platform, whose employer provides them with an ELA solution within the framework of protecting and caring for the mental and physical health of employees, can receive regular advice and tips from ELA experts beginning in October.  The service is also available for English, Polish and Russian speaking employees as well. Beginning in the spring, and to allow employers to better care for the families of Ukrainian employees living here, ELA has been expanded to include Ukrainian, and crisis intervention for their family members who remain in Ukraine.

“Thousands of our partners’ employees will be able to access effective assistance thanks to the linking of ELA services to the Můj Up motivational platform. At the same time, this solution also fits into our concept of striving to provide long-term support of physical and mental health, foster a pleasant workplace atmosphere, and at the same time ensure financial stability. It is the perfect complement to the recently launched modules of the Můj Up platform including Payment between colleagues or Ask the employer, and our collaboration with the start-up Advanto,” added Prchlíková.

The future belongs to the balanced.

The positive contribution of the ELA solution is confirmed by the results of internal data of some of the companies that use this solution. They show, for instance, illness rates in the workplace decreased by up to 23%, absenteeism by 27%, costs of absence decreased by almost a third, and employee turnover by a fifth. In contrast, productivity and work efficiency increased byup to 36%.“It is obvious that the consequences of past crises as well as the current economic recession are significant, stressful, and negatively affect the quality of life for many. We therefore feel that it is now essential to find ways to relieve employees and help them maintain balance and stability in their private and work lives. We believe that the ELA solution can be one of the ways to accomplish this“ concluded Petra Prchlíková.

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