How do we approach Governance? Introducing the different roots of our social responsibility


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Our newly developed corporate social responsibility strategy has five areas – the roots on which we are based. The next is Governance. This lesser-known term refers to the way we manage our organisation, including our relationships with other parties such as business partners. The aim is to ensure transparency, accountability, fairness and efficiency.

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How do we run our company?

It is a widely accepted concept that expresses the pursuit of practical solutions in the management of the company, resources, ideas and opinions that our management has long been committed to and determines the way in which many decisions are made.

This includes, for example, the management of personal data. At Up CR, we have long strengthened the security of our employees’ and clients’ data, and we also continually enhance and test our cyber security.

This part of the strategy therefore essentially tells us whether we are compliant with ethical and legal standards and whether we can effectively achieve our goals. We will be introducing more roots soon, more information coming soon.

What do you think of the new pages we have prepared for our strategy? Take a look at them for more information.

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