How do we approach the Economy? Introducing the different roots of our social responsibility


Our newly developed corporate responsibility strategy grows from 5 roots. Today we will introduce one of them, Economics.

What are we dealing with within the economy?

Social responsibility is reflected in all areas of business, so business itself is no exception. Since its foundation, Up CR has been committed to improving the quality of life of its employees. At the same time, we have been making a long-term contribution to the development of a sustainable economy and a fairer and more cohesive society.

We always adhere to our Code of Conduct in our dealings with our business partners. We have long supported local entrepreneurs, which is why the majority of our office purchases are made from local, environmentally friendly suppliers. We are a major fan of classic and modern Czech gastronomy. We are part of the Business for Society project.

The economy, like human society, is constantly evolving, so we hold regular training sessions and workshops to educate ourselves and our partners to keep us up to date.

What are the other areas of our new plan? Find out more about them soon or check out our website straight away.

Ruben Vančo


Ruben Vančo Marketing Manager

Father of two daughters, supporter of performance marketing, accelerating half-marathoner, amateur lover of small scenes, fan of electro-swing, coffee hedonist, cheerful cyclist, astounded observer...