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Social responsibility is reflected in all areas of our business and business is no exception. We have been committed to improving the quality of life of our employees since our founding. We are also making a long-term contribution to the development of a sustainable economy and a fairer and more cohesive society.

We develop innovative products that make a difference. Our customers can choose products that make a difference in their reward policy and employee engagement, whether it is for their physical, mental and financial well-being or to motivate loyalty and a positive relationship with the company.

Digital technology has revolutionised the way we live and consume in recent years. Retailers, companies and local authorities are looking for new innovative, high-performance and secure solutions to meet these expectations. The Up Group is accompanying these transformations. We are currently developing our products and services with the aim of designing an offer adapted to these new uses, in particular by connecting all sections of the population through the modern My Up platform, which promotes work engagement and well-being.

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