How do we approach Philanthropy? Introducing the individual roots of our social responsibility


Social responsibility necessarily includes philanthropy. This has been very important to us since the company was founded and we have supported many projects, foundations and associations for a long time.

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Where do we do good everywhere?

We have long supported the charities Alsa and Cesta domů. Our employees and members of management regularly participate in many charity events and as a company we regularly take part in charity challenges. Who doesn’t know Movember or the Sock Appeal.

We are part of the Active City project, which supports various sports activities in Czech cities and tries to give all residents the opportunity to move. We often organize charity collections – for example, drugstore and durable food for food collections or clothes and toys for children’s homes. We also participate in Give & Gain Day each year, the largest gathering of volunteers, and help wherever there is a need.

We believe that meaningful support of charitable causes is important for all of human society.

And have you seen the new website for our social responsibility strategy?

Ruben Vančo


Ruben Vančo Marketing Manager

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