Inflation raised the optimal value of the meal voucher to 194 CZK


It seems that everything is changing even faster lately, don’t you think? We don’t even have time to follow all the news and decrees that are coming at us. However, you should not miss this one. What is it about?

The change is here! The amount of the meal vouchers is higher now.

Yes, that’s right – due to record inflation, for the first time in history, the value of meal allowance on business trips will increase now not at the start of next year as usual. Along with the growth of the so-called “diet”, the value of the classic meal allowance also increases. This allowance is of course, the most advantageous for both employees and employers.

Since January this year the nominal value of the meal voucher has been set at 150 CZK. However, from January 2, 2023, it will increase to 194 CZK. How is that possible?

Current legislation states that the meal allowance is adjusted as soon as, according to the Czech Statistical Office, the prices in public places (as restaurants or public canteens) increases or decreases by at least 20% from the effective date of the last adjustment. According to the CSO, the current increase in these prices is already 20.19% and a further increase is expected.

How to deal with this information?

Employees do not pay any taxes or insurance from meal vouchers, thanks to the tax advantage for the company, meal vouchers are a quarter more favorable than if everyone’s wages were increased by the same amount. Meal vouchers are thus a very effective tool for companies to help employees and their family budgets even in these difficult times.

A tip for you: The increase of the amount your employees‘ meal vouchers will have very quickly strong effect. Your employees will  feel your support and it does not mean a significant administrative burden for you. You can do it now and easily right in the Můj Up app.

eStravenka comes with other benefits that will please your employees

  • The Up Club Gastro loyalty program returns part of the money from lunch payments. If the employee will eat in restaurants regulary he cangain free lunch.
  • Cashback Up Plná Peněženka also returns part of the money spent in shopping at e-shops.
  • Our eStravenka can be used in more than 32,000 establishments.
  • With eStavenka, employees can collect rewards up to 3,000 CZK per year.
  • eStravenka support modern gastronomy, employees can also pay with Apple Pay or Google Pay

Do you have additional questions? Don’t hesitate to ask. We will be happy to help you.

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