Smaller paper meal and leisure vouchers save trees

Corporate social responsibility

The Czechs like digitalisation. But many employees still prefer paper vouchers. We at Up CR respect this and are improving paper vouchers. Now they are smaller and we save over 56 trees a year!

smaller paper vouchers

Digitalisation as a major trend

We have already digitised many of the benefits. It’s a trend that’s popular and there is no wonder. Electronic benefit cards are more environmentally friendly and allow, for example, faster money transfers not only for you but also for partner establishments. They also relieve HR departments of unnecessary paperwork, plus you can enjoy all the benefits of the Můj Up app.

You can either pay directly with an electronic card, but payments by watch or mobile phone via Apple Pay or Google Pay are also becoming more and more common. Everything is as convenient, flexible and contactless as possible.

As part of our digitalisation, we also take the utmost care of your security and are constantly innovating our products. From July 2023, for example, you can use biometric payment authentication with the Up Klíč app. Payments are verified using a fingerprint or facial scan. This is guaranteed to be the most secure method of confirming payments, as biometrics cannot be bypassed.

Smaller paper vouchers save over 56 trees

Because we know that some of you still can’t get enough of paper vouchers, we’re not canceling them, we’re innovating. By shrinking them, we’re protecting the environment, reducing our carbon footprint, saving trees and saving space in your wallet. In fact, smaller paper vouchers save more than 56 trees a year!

paper vouchers

We also plant trees with our own hands

We care about supporting nature. And because we really like to help, our employees can even take up to 3 days off a year for various charitable purposes. Last year we helped directly with our own hands! Together with our action colleagues and the non-profit organization Sázíme stromy (We Plant Trees), we planted 25 cherry trees in the village of Úholičky. It was a response to the sad reality of today, in which a great loss of trees and shrubs in nature, villages and towns is common. But also drought, climate change and deforestation. Our planet is supposed to be green, so do your bit with us!

Are you interested in knowing what other steps we are taking to protect the environment here at Up Czech Republic? Read about our efforts on the Ecology page of our website.

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