How do we approach Ecology? Introducing the different roots of our social responsibility


As you already know, our newly developed corporate responsibility strategy is divided into five areas – the roots. We present them here in turn, so that you can see what we are planning in each area.

How are we trying to protect the environment?

The next area we will look at is Ecology. This seems to be one of the most important issues for the whole of human society at the moment. In order to do our part, we are taking a number of steps to help our environment. What are these steps?

We are working on digitizing our processes and products to reduce paper consumption. At the same time, we use recycled paper wherever possible. We are a Green Company. We favour environmentally friendly suppliers in our office purchases, and we like local ones best of all. Our great coffee from the Revenium sheltered workshop, for example, or our ecological cleaning products made in the Czech Republic are proof of this. We support sustainability on all fronts, for example in the Můj Up app with the Bazaar function, which encourages all users to upcycle.

Regular education is also important to us, which is why we have regular environmental workshops and are part of the Climate Fresk project.

Every journey starts with the first steps. We know that the road to sustainability is long and requires a lot of effort. But we have a clear goal and believe that if you know where you are going, you can go anywhere you want.

Don’t miss out on the introduction of the next area, you’ll be hearing more soon.

Ruben Vančo


Ruben Vančo Marketing Manager

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